AltRider Dimple Products マグネットオイルドレンプラグ YAMAHA XT1200Z スーパーテネレ

価格: ¥5,500 (税込)
メーカー: Dimple Products
型番: SU10-0-7601
JANコード: 4589483406487


SU10-0-7601売り切れ 入荷連絡を希望





YAMAHA XT1200Z スーパテネレ


製品名: Dimple Products Magnetic Oil Drain Plug for the Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200Z
型番: SU10-0-7601
JANコード: 4589483406487
メーカー: Dimple Products

  • スチール(鉄)製
  • サイズ: M12 x 15 (ピッチ1.5)
  • マグネット部: N48SHネオジム磁石
  • 超耐食性コーティング済
  • ドレンワッシャー付属
  • ボルトの締め込みは、六角レンチの使用をおすすめします。
  • サービスマニュアル記載の規定トルクを必ず守ってください


On the Super Tenere the sump drain plug is very exposed and susceptible to damage.

The OEM plug has a 15 mm head height and hangs precariously off the side of the engine and the tall head height is just waiting to be smacked and crack the pan. Our special low-profile head is only 5 mm tall. In addition to typical hex head, we have an internal broach for a 6 mm allen tool. This helps prevent over tightening and also gives two options for what you carry in your tool kit. A magnetic drain plug attracts small ferrous particles circulating through your engine which could otherwise cause damage. An increase in the amount of particles picked up can signal if there is a more serious internal problem with your engine.

All magnets are not created equal. We use N48SH Neodymium (rare earth) magnets. The N48 refers to the magnetic strength, while the SH super high temperature rating. This is important as you are installing this into an area of heated engine oil, and we want them to still work! Standard neodymium magnets start to lose their magnetism at 176°F (80°C). The “SH” temp rating has an operating temp of 302°F (150°C), much more appropriate for use on internal combustion engines.

The magnets are fitted into the end of a machined recess at the plug tip. Our plugs are made from steel for strength and also because the magnet sticks in place. For additional precaution we also apply epoxy to keep the magnet in location. Other drain plug magnets made from aluminum or stainless steel rely on a press fit which can change as the different materials expand and contract differently with heat cycles. The plug is lastly coated with a special 2-step super corrosion resistant coating developed for use in the harsh environment of off shore oil rigs.

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